Thursday, 20 June 2013

Make an easy & fun Father's Day Card!

This Father's Day came so fast for me because the month of June is so busy for me with graduation, prom, ceremonies and outdoor BBQ's!  So this year my post is late but I think this card would make a great Birthday Card for anyone at any time! Especially for those who love gambling and lottery tickets! I know my Dad always loves getting scratch tickets so that's what was part of his gift card this year.  I also gave him that amazing Lighthouse I crafted in my previous post. He loved it!

This card was pretty simple and easy to make. Right now there are stickers available in my local dollar stores by American Crafts that are the Monopoly game symbols. I was quick to pick up a few packages as I love the game!  It occurred to me that my card could be focused on the "Chance" card from the game. So I fashioned it more towards that.

Inside I wrote my special sentiments to my father but hid them under the fan of lottery scratch tickets I stuck inside using double sided sticky tape from American Crafts!  It was pretty easy for him to remove the tickets as long as you just stick the backs of the tickets to a small corner so they don't tare off when removed.  Once the tickets were taken off then he got to see his special message!

In this second photo you can see that I used some washi tape on the bottom to just be sure they stayed on and it was easy to lift it off again to get to the tickets! A really handy use for washi tape!!!  I also used a thin line of glitter paper and a line of washi tape on the right front edge of the card... it made it look upscale, rich and classy!  It turned out to be a great gift card and Dad won a prize too!

So always be on the lookout for great craft and card ideas at your local dollar store.  You never know what kind of neat projects you can make and save a few dollars while you're at it too! This card was a Win/Win project!

Please leave a comment below! I'd love to hear what you think!!!

xx/oo Barbara

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