Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Very Valentine's Day Card

I was thinking about what I should post next and I realized that perhaps since I really only just started scrapbooking and making cards last November 2012 that I should post in a more chronological order. So I decided to continue with my Valentine's cards for the one's we love.  

My next card features my love for Echo Park paper products. The line of EP paper I chose was "Love Story".  I really loved the bright pinks, black and whites, and the patterns. I am especially a fan of pretty little polka dots!  

I started by finding a nice selection of coordinating cardstock colors in pinks from American Crafts cardstock to make the lower ombre half of the card. Each piece cut using a corner puncher along the length of the strip. I used a tiny hole punch on the inner point of each scallop to add more fun to the look.  

The upper half of the card I used the Echo Park paper as a base.  I added a cut out piece of paper from another Love Story print (animal print) to feature in the middle. Then I embellished it with the coordinating stickers from EP. The silver hearts were cut using a Cricut machine and generic glitter paper. 

Finally, I finished it with a few generic odds and ends in my old supply box. Overall, I think it's a very cute card. It was pretty easy to make and it required very few special tools (You don't need a Cricut machine to make pretty heart cut outs).  I think it would be great for any novice card maker looking for something fun to make and without having to make a huge investment in tools and supplies. 


Please drop me a note or post a comment. I'm always happy to hear from you and happy to answer any questions you have.

Until my next post, 

X/O  Barbara


  1. A very fun card! I am sure your Valentine enjoyed it.

  2. I always liked this card, especially the layers of pink. I have done similar layers before and they always look so fun.