Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mixed Media and Just a Little Sparkle

Today i'm featuring a scrapbook layout that is an example of using mixed media to create wonderful unique results.  On this page of blank white card stock paper I sprayed a shimmer ink in medium blue. But first I had the idea of space and I put odds and ends of shapes I had cut from punches scattered randomly on the paper. (no adhesive)  Then I just sprayed gently as moved my hand from left to right to create a spread of the spray along the page and not just in one spot.  I left the page for a few minutes to let it dry.

Once the paper was dry I shook the random bits of cut outs off the page and collected them for later.  Once I decided on what picture I was going to use it seemed to me that I wanted to create a fairy night scene.  So I began to stamp black ink using plain foam dabbing the ink all around the outside edges to frame the layout.  I then got out some regular white glue (*use sparingly as to not warp the paper) and dotted the sprayed bits of paper cut outs randomly around the page in areas that would not cover the negatives spaces that had already been created.

I wanted to create a very soft look to the grassy scene at the bottom of the page so I got out a black charcoal pencil and hand drew in the grasses and flowers that would reflect the nighttime silhouette as though the stars and perhaps a moon in the background lit them from behind.  I used a tape adhesive to put the pictures that I wanted onto the page.  Then I cut out some fairy shapes in silver glitter paper using a Cricut Expression machine and a Disney cartridge

I was really experimenting at this point with negatives... so I punched out the circles all around the perimeter of the page and glued a matching blue watery print of paper along the back of the page so that it could be seen through the holes.  They kind of look like little orbs to me and something fairy like.  The water pattern on the paper I used make them look misty inside. I thought it had a nice effect.  I also used the negative idea in the title of the page using black card stock behind the negative of the words. To finish it I just added a couple of colored butterflies and flowers with tiny gems on them to give it a bit of kick.

If you have any questions and would like to know more...please drop me a comment here and I shall do my best to get back to you!

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